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Joey Stuckey Celebrates New Album’s Release from The Macon Telegraph

Compiled by Matt Miller – Special to The Telegraph
QUESTION: Can you talk about the band on your new album, “The Shadow Sound”?

ANSWER: I have a pool of extremely talented friends that make up the current lineup. The core lineup is myself on guitar and vocal, Byrd Wyatt on bass, Dr. Marcus Reddick and Miguel Ca stro on drums and percussion, Brian Bogle on saxophone and Hugh Hession on keys.

QUESTION: Have you always recorded and produced your own albums?

ANSWER: I have always recorded my own records. I knew I wanted to be a sound engineer at the age of 13 when I heard some classic radio dramas on public radio like “The Lone Ranger” and “The Shadow,” and I’ve always had some form of recording studio since that time.

QUESTION: As the owner of Shadow Sound studio downtown and a prominent studio musician, you’ve had a front row seat to the evolution of the Macon music scene. How has it changed since your arrival here as a teenager?

ANSWER: The one thing that has remained a constant is the vast array of talented musicians in this area. I am continually impressed with the variety of skills that Middle Georgia musicians bring to the table when creating their art. That said, I believe we can and must do more to make Middle Georgia and Macon in particular a place where being a musician for a living is a viable option. Our history and the amazing talent of our citizens demand it.

QUESTION: Your record release party is at Wild Wing Cafe on Friday. Are there any other upcoming shows that your fans should know about?

ANSWER: Yes. My jazz trio plays every Saturday from 8 p.m. to midnight at the Ritz Carlton at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro through the end of March. We are also performing downtown for First Friday on March 4.

— Matt Miller