The Local 478 Podcast – Episode 3

In this episode, I catch up with hip-hop artist Floco Torres in downtown Macon. Floco discusses successes and setbacks, his grassroots fundraising success, and his upcoming album, Floco’s Modern Life.

TheLocal478.com Podcast – Episode 3

Thanks to Floco and the band, Rob Evans @ Star Motel Studio, and Chris Horne. Special thanks to Clark Bush the theme music, which he composed and performed.


The Local 478 Podcast – Episode 2

I have been having a great time recording and producing these podcasts for the Macon-based website thelocal478.com/macon. Episode 2 features the great Macon-born, but now European-based, musician Jamal Jerome Thomas, and the Carrollton, GA-based band, Baby Baby. Thanks for listening!

The Local 478 Podcast – Episode 2


The Local 478 Podcast – Episode 1

I’m really excited about this podcasting project. I will be interviewing Macon musicians as well as touring groups that come through town, and will be releasing a new episode every two weeks.  So, without further ado:

Radio Free Macon – Episode 1 – Matt Miller Interviews Clark Bush & Shawn Williamson

Thanks to TheLocal478.com, Chris Horne, Josephine Bennett @ Georgia Public Broadcasting, and especially to Clark and Shawn.


Still testing my podcasting abilities, but I thought I would try uploading a couple tracks from a concert I recorded last month at The Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn featuring Up Up We Go!, a trio led by the postmodern crooner and multi-instrumentalist, Salvatore Geloso.

Up Up We Go! @ The Jalopy Theater July 2010



2 responses to “Podcasts

  1. Hello, I have been checking out your blog ever since you reviewed the Asphalt Orchestra’s album last year. I have good friends who write and play for that band and you comments caught my attention. I like your opened minded blog and inspiring manifesto.
    I am writing from Los Angeles where I play music. I play in a melodic avant-garde jazz group called Slumgum and we will be playing at Christian McBride and Loren Schoenberg’s concert series in New York at the Rubin Art Museum. The concert series is called Harlem in the Himalayas through their work in starting the Jazz Museum of Harlem. We will be playing there on Friday January 21st and I wanted to invite you out to the concert if you were free an interested. There is a great jazz scene here in LA bubbling up and it is a treat to come out to NYC and share a bit of it. Two bands recently moved out to NYC from the scene forming Axis Trio and Dawn of MIDI, two fantastic piano trios.
    I hope all is well with you and if you can’t make it out I hope you get a chance to listen to some of the music on our website. Keep up the great work.
    Jon Armstrong

    • Hi Jon,

      Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I really appreciate the feedback. I really enjoyed Asphalt Orchestra’s latest disc. It’s amazing how much incredible music is going on around the country these days.

      Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make Slumgum’s concert in NYC, as I am currently living in Macon, GA. I visit NYC as often as possible, but I probably won’t be back to the city until the summer. Good luck, and congrats on the gig. I haven’t been to the Rubin museum yet, but I love the jazz museum in Harlem. It’s great hear that LA has a great jazz scene. I have never been able to see jazz on my few trips to LA, but I will make it a point to see a show the next time I’m there.

      I will definitely check out you website and have a listen soon.

      Matt Miller

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