More Golden Bough Nights

I’ve been silent for a little while, but I am going to be posting a lot more in the coming weeks. I just finished a review of three new albums by the great guitarist Bill Frisell that will appear in next months edition of The New York City Jazz Record, and I’m hoping to have a few articles about the Macon music scene up soon, as well as a podcast that I recorded back in January with the great Macon-based musician Ben Vance.

I have also been seeing some great bands at the Golden Bough bookstore these past few weeks. Last week, I had to miss The Commonwealth of American Natives because of work — though, I heard afterword that they gave a great show — but was able to catch Eureka California — a stipped-down, punk-inflected trio — from Athens, GA, who put on an awesome show.

This coming Tuesday, the sludge rock — I didn’t know this term existed before moving to Macon — duo Rat Babies return to the Bough, and will be joined by Sugar Virus — a mainstay of the Macon hardcore scene, and two acts from Atlanta, ZEBU! and Savant, who also specialize in ear-splitting, genre-defying hardcore.

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