Q&A: Floco Torres discusses his new ‘Modern Life’ From The Macon Telegraph

Compiled by Matt Miller – Special to The Telegraph

QUESTION: Can you talk a little about your new band, and the concept behind your new album, “Floco’s Modern Life”?

ANSWER: The band I put together has been with me for almost two years now. The concept is about being introduced to the “Modern Life,” so to speak. It’s a way to relate to everyone advancing in life while still understanding the not-so-flattering moments.


QUESTION: What effect did raising $2,000 through Kickstarter.com have on the project, and your outlook?

ANSWER: It really showed how much support I have for my brand in Macon as well as all over the country. It started a trend in Macon and spawned the worst “Have you run off with the money yet” jokes.

QUESTION: “Floco’s Modern Life” seems like a major milestone in terms of your songwriting. How has that evolved since you first began writing?

ANSWER: I’ve been a rapper up until this point. For me, one of the things I wanted to prove with this album is that I am a good songwriter for myself as well as other people. Most of the songs you see me on with people, I do a bulk of the writing anyway. This album, I’m keeping it all to myself (laughs).

QUESTION: Can you talk about the challenges of working with a live band?

ANSWER: Getting everybody as focused as you are at the right time. Taming egos and directing, while still giving my band creative freedom.

QUESTION: Any future plans aside from promoting and performing “Floco’s Modern Life”?

ANSWER: Right now, let’s get this album out and see what happens first. I just want to enjoy this moment I’ve worked so hard for.

— Matt Miller


What: Floco Torres and The Band

When: 10 p.m.

Where: The SoChi Gallery, 534 Second St.

On the web: theflocotorres.com


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