New Year = More Posts

I’ve gotten a slow start to blogging in 2011, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing about interesting people and hearing some great music. I’ve done both since we got back into town after a whirlwind — and snow blown — tour of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania over the holidays.

So, just to catch you up on what I’ve been up to…

I have been working more with the Macon Telegraph, which has been really interesting and rewarding. Last week, my article on growing edible mushrooms appeared in the paper, and next week, a quick Q & A with Floco Torres will be in there as well. I also have an article on the Macon-born, and European-based opera singer Allan Evans that will appear in Macon Magazine in the coming months, and have continued to contribute monthly reviews and articles to the New York paper All About Jazz – New York.

On the musical front, I am very proud to be on the Macon-based band Truffleina’s new album, The Physics Of Cro-Magnon Chromatics. First, and most, importantly, the album sounds awesome — thanks to the amazing ears and technical skill of musician and engineer Clark Bush — but also to the underappreciated songwriting talent of Ben Vance, and the musicality of members Shawn Williamson, Jesse Altman, and Dustin Murdock. If you’re living in Macon — or even if you’re not, for that matter — you should definitely check out the boundrey-pushing music that Macon Noise is producing and supporting. It’s a loosely organized label and DIY promoter, but it is deeply committed to creating an innovative music scene in Middle GA. I would be lost here — musically — if they weren’t doing their thing.

I’ve also seen some great music since getting back to town. The Macon Noise New Years Eve show, Floco Torres album release party, and Justin Cutway’s band Trendlenberg jump to mind, but there are more, and the next month is shaping up to be a great one for music in Macon .

As to the title of this post and reason I’m writing after a period relative inactivity: I really want to increase the amount I am posting here this year, and have it really reflect the range of interesting people I have met living here in the past six months. As much as I love being published elsewhere, and, yes, being paid for my writing, nothing really compares to having a platform to write about anything and everything without worrying about word counts or some else’s idea of news-worthy-ness.

When I set out to create this blog, I wanted to have a place to comment on music, but also a platform to write about any topic that inspired me. I was feeling hemmed in because I only wrote professionally for music publications, and wasn’t able to share my experience on any other topic. I’m not sure I’ve accomplished my goal of making tuneOUToptIN a true reflection of everything I’m into, but I think doing it has benefited my writing, and helped me to connect with some great people.

I guess I’m a little late to make another New Year’s resolution, but I will resolve to post more often and share as many things as possible on this blog. I hope you’ll check back often to hold me to my word.



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