June 11th Listings

Friday & Saturday – Pianist Barry Harris brings his unfailingly swinging trio — featuring Ray Drummond on bass and Leroy Williams on drums — to the Kitano.

Saturday – Seeing percussionist composer Gerry Hemingway became more difficult last year when he relocated to Switzerland. Luckily the veteran improvisor continues to make semi-regualar trips to the city, as he does this weekend for two sets at The Stone. At 8, he joins husband and wife team Mark Feldman and Sylvie Courvosier, along with bassist Thomas Morgan, and at 10, he joins pedal steel player Susan Alcorn and cellist Hank Roberts for the debut of their band, “A Long Way.”

Also on Saturday & Sunday – The Undead festival — a companion to the popular Jazz Winterfest — brings a cadre of progressively oriented band leaders to clubs on and around Bleeker Street.

Also Sunday – Gerry Hemingway takes part in Inpiraling: Telematic Jazz Explorations at Roulette. It’s probably best to let Gerry explain it:

“An unprecedented concert of new jazz works with renowned composers and performers for the telematic music medium. Telematic music is real-time performance via the internet by musicians in different geographic locations. Performers will be located in New York and San Diego, playing together as one trans-continental ensemble in real-time and “real-space”. There will be local audiences as well as a world-wide webcast. The music explores elements of jazz fused with artistic properties of telematic technology including multiplicity, heterophony, swing, polyphony, synchronicity, and nodality. The transparent densities and intensities are manifested to create this new music reality of telematic jazz.”

Interested yet?

Monday – If you feel like making the trip to Washington Heights, check out my sister, trumpeter Kate Miller, in saxophonist Roxy Coss‘ quintet at 181 Cabrini. They play every Monday at 9.

Tuesday – Pianist Fred Hersh brings his trio to the Vanguard for a three-night run. Featuring bassist John Hebert and drummer Billy Hart, the trio will explore tracks from their upcoming release, “Whirl.”

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